What is soMAD?


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soMAD is an alternative lifestyle experienced through compact design in small scale architecture.  We are exploring a new luxurious way to integrate with environment via minimal architecture and lifestyle.  Designed by Atelier Chang in London, these series of mini living typologies can be used for glamping, housing, or any private use as permanent structure. 

Each unit is constructed with robust steel frame with multiple layers of fire / tear resistant fabric.  All has been tested for harsh weather conditions of both winter and summer, and been certified as non-flammable.   They can house up to 2 bedrooms within 45-55 sqm interior space.   

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What types of Small Living?


Firefly © mimics the shape of an egg, with entry area lit up like the firefly’s tail.  The breadth of the space implies luxury and relaxation.  The elegant shape fits into any type of natural settings and highly resistant to wind-load.  They will form large pebbles onto the stretch of landscape. 


Cutent by Atelier Chang

Cutent © has a shape of an angular rock.  The key character is the duplex structure inside and 5m ceiling height contained in splash of strong colour.  Cheerful facade of the Cutent will redefine the landscape wherever they sit on. 



Mountain © follows the curvature of a hilltop.  Inside the spaces are naturally divided into two compartments to allow maximum privacy between the rooms when multiple family stays.  The mezzanine area is located in between and offers children’s secret hiding place.   




soMAD glamping tent key features fire



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contact:  somad@atelierchang.com   +44 7593 660545