Site: South Korea
Time: 2011 - 2014
Program: Vacation Houses + Restaurant
Status: Completed
Client: 생각속의 집 House of the Mind
Team: Soohyun Chang, Federica Russo, Ryan Day
Rendering: Doro Dietz
Photography: Shin Kyungsub

How can architecture achieve seamless spatial connection between outdoor landscape and indoor living space without boundary? To answer that question, we have to stop separating the building versus the ground. Rather, imagine a surface that originates from the landscape, which eventually forms a knot to create an enclosure. The wild landscape floods into the terrace, generates patterns of the herb garden, and gradually reaches the interior in a seamless manner. 

The project brings multiple advantages from the real-estate point of view. At first, multiple units can be built for ownership as well as for hospitality to generate constant income. Many years after, they can be easily converted and sold as residential units. The design itself takes account of adaptability throughout the life span of the building.

The Knot House introduces a new ecological lifestyle by combining farming and culture of tea. In the terrace garden, one can pick up fresh herbs to bring in to the house and make fresh tea for relaxation. It brings a small pleasure of production for the city dwellers who are only used to consume. Where the garden ends is a bathtub that submerges into the same landscape. The water used for bathing feeds back into the by watering the herb garden throughout the whole year.

건축물을 통해, 실내외의 경계선을 없애고 와부가 실내로 자연스럽게 흘러들어올 수 있는 공간을 상상해보았다.그러기 위해서는 궁극적으로 대지와 건물을 따로 생각하지 않고, 하나의 연결된 표면 (surface)으로 이해해야 했다. Landscape에서 시작되어, 대지면이 매듭처럼 묶여지면서 그 안에 아늑한 공간을 형성하는 것이 “매듭지은 집” 의주요 컨셉트이다.  풀과 꽃이 무성한 대지가 테라스에서 허브가든으로 변화하고, 그것이 안방 안으로까지 밀려들수 있는 독특한 공간을 창출해 보았다. 

이 프로젝트는 수익형 부동산의 모델로서, 여러 유니트가 지어질 경우, 팬션 비지니스를 통해 계속적인 수입이 들어오게 된다. 몇년후, 최소의 실내 재건축을 통해, 주택 유니트로서도 팔수 있는 점을 감안하여, 건물의 장기적인효용성을 위해 디자인 되었다.

“매듭지은 집” 에 사는 거주자는 농업과 다도문화를 하나로 묶은 친환경적인 라이프스타일을 추구하게 된다. 간단한 예로, 테라스에 있는 허브가든에서 사계절 싱싱한 허브를 뜯어와 즉석에서 차를 만들어 마시는 것은 어떨까? 가든 옆에서 바깥 경치를 보며 목욕을 즐길수도 있다. 목욕에 썼던 물은 다시 땅을 통해 가든으로 돌아가 허브들에게물을 공급하게 된다.