Atelier Chang is an international design praxis based in South Kensington, London and Zurich since 2011.  Our design philosophy is to create innovative design through focusing on the unembellished basics – basics of nature, social behaviour, and urban phenomena.  To achieve this absolute simplicity of content through impactful forms takes extra effort in researching the context, a devotion to material and technology, and active interaction with other industries. Currently we work on projects in Asia and Europe at multiple scales of design, covering master plans, architecture, interior design, installations, and products.

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Soohyun Chang founded Atelier Chang in 2011 to reinvent architectural design through new program, material, and construction method.  Our design aims at larger impact for more people, which require more careful consideration of sustainability and strategy.   The current London-based office works on project in different countries mainly focusing on resorts, restaurants, and residential development industry. 

She was born in Seoul, in 1980, educated in the USA, and now resides in the UK. She received Bachelor of Science in Architecture Design at MIT and Master of Architecture from Harvard Graduate School of Design.  She completed her diploma with high honours under Jacque Herzog & Pierre de Meuron. The thesis is titled “Variable DenCity,” which sought to invent alternative methodology in urban planning via parametric modelling tested for Basel, Switzerland.

From 2007-11, she was an architect in Herzog & de Meuron before she worked at Zaha Hadid Architects in London, Morphoisis in California, HLW in Shanghai, and the Media Lab at MIT.  She taught an architecture studio on Organicities at EPFL, Switzerland with Jeffrey Huang and was invited as a critic for MIT, UPenn, and ETH. She received Next Generation Design Leader Award in 2007.  Her projects has won 3rd place in Affordable Housing Development competition in 2006, Honourable Mention in UIA Future City competition in 2006, and 2nd place in RIBA’s Forgotten Space.  In 2015, our Knot House project won Architizer A+ Award and Iconic Award in Hospitality.



아뗄리에장은 디자인 이노베이션을 목표로하는 디자인 그룹입니다.  자연의 본질, 사회구성원의 본질, 도시현상의 본질을 토대로 임팩트 있는 디자인을 통해 가장 간결하고 최적화 된 컨텐트를 전달하고자 합니다.  아뗄리에라는 단어와 같이, collaboration 과 research를 통한 창의적인 플랫폼 안에서 전례없는 디자인들을 만들어가고 있습니다.  현재 아시아와 유럽에서마스터플랜, 건축, 인테리어, 프로덕트에 이르기까지 여러 스케일의 프로젝트를 진행하고 있습니다.


장수현은 1980년 대한민국 서울 출생.  MIT 건축과 학사 (Faculty Award 로 졸업). Harvard Design School M.Arch 석사 취득. Harvard Design School 에서 Jacque Herzog와 Pierre de Meuron과 함께 석사 논문 Variable DenCity,Alternative Urban Planning Strategy 완성, 파라메트릭을 통한 도시 계획에 관함, 스위스의 바젤이 하나의 쇼케이스, “메트로 바젤” 출판.  미국의 Media Lab과 Morphosis Architects, 영국의 Zaha Hadid Architects 에서 인턴. 스위스 바젤의 Herzog & de Meuron 에서 건축가로서 4년에 걸쳐 스위스, 영국, 인도, 브라질 관련 프로젝트 진행.  2011년 취리히에서 Atelier Chang 으로 독립한 후, SIA 멤버로서 아시아와 유럽 프로젝트로 런던에서 건축 활동 중.  현재 스위스 연방대 EPFL 의 강사. MIT, UPenn, EPFL에서 스튜디오 크리틱으로 초청.  2013년 영국 Forgotten Space 공모전에서 2위 수상. BBC 에서 프로젝트를 인터뷰와 함께 방영하였고, 2015년 Architizer A+ Award에서 Hospitality카테고리 수상, 독일Iconic award 에서 hospitality 부분 best of best 수상.CNN, 워싱톤 포스트, 도무스, 디진, 디테일, 폴리오, 월페이퍼, 파이돈등 각 잡지에서 출판.